Smart Tools and Visual Analytics

Hartmann Genrich, Process Analytica, Germany

Robert Shapiro, Process Analytica, USA

Smart tools of PA Optima support fast optimization by simulation and analysis using only that subset of the analytics required by the particular optimization technique. They are rather autistic and focus on efficiency rather than interaction and generality. So far two such tools are available: Smart Resource Allocation and Smart Productivity Improvement. We briefly describe Smart Allocation because the optimization algorithms in it are also used in Smart Productivity.

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Business Process Analytics

by Robert M. Shapiro and Michael zur Muehlen

Business Process Management Systems are a rich source of events that document the execution of processes and activities within these systems. Business Process Analytics is the family of methods and tools that can be applied to these event streams in order to support decision-making in organizations. The analysis of process events can focus on the behavior of completed processes, evaluate currently running process instances, or focus on predicting the behavior of process instances in the future. This chapter provides an overview of the different methods and technologies that can be employed in each of these three areas of process analytics.
We discuss the underlying format and types of process events as the common source of analytics information, present techniques for the aggregation and composition of these events, and outline methods that support backward- and forward-looking process analytics.

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